Civil Mediation (Business & Commercial)

Ms. Van Ness mediates all Business and Commercial disputes including foreclosures, banking, contracts, securities and other business transactions. Mediation can be a bridge on which each party meets the other halfway. It is a voluntary, confidential and informal process in which the neutral mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a conflict. At all times, the decision-making authority rests solely with the parties. Mediation can be used to resolve all or any part of a civil dispute, streamline the process to resolution and avoid the costs, delay and uncertainty of a trial by judge or jury.

Family Law Mediation

Ms. Van Ness mediates all aspects of family law disputes including childrens' issues, dissolution of marriage, post-dissolution modification and enforcement, parenting plans and custodial arrangements, equitable distribution, paternity and parental relocation. The voluntary, confidential and informal process of mediation adapts well to family law disputes, providing the parties with a timely, cost-effective and flexible opportunity to resolve their conflicts, while creating solutions customized for their family. Mediation can be used to resolve childrens' issues, including holiday and vacation timesharing, medical and education disputes and parenting plans. Mediation also can help the parties resolve or streamline financial issues including equitable distribution and post-judgment modifications of child support or alimony.

Special Magistrate Appointments

The court may appoint attorneys as special magistrates for any particular service required in a pending cause. Ms. Van Ness serves as a Special Magistrate in civil and family law cases to assist the court in all matters including conducting hearings and presiding at disputed and/or multiparty discovery matters and depositions.

Guardian Ad Litem

Ms. Van Ness serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for children in both stable and high conflict family law matters. When a question exists concerning the health or safety or best interests of a child, the Court may appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to act as the child's next friend, investigate all allegations concerning the child, obtain impartial expert examinations, and make written or verbal recommendations to the Court concerning the child's best interests. Guardians Ad Litem are frequently appointed in parental relocation matters.

Guardian Ad Litem in High-Conflict Family Law Matters

"High conflict" families are those in which one or both parents' dysfunction, disease or disorder escalates their conflict to such a degree that their children are at risk of physical or emotional harm. This includes the parent addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and associated dysfunctions, the personality disordered parent including borderline personality disorder, the psychopathic parent, sociopathic parent, narcissistic parent, and/or the physically or emotionally abusive parent. Often, the Guardian Ad Litem will work with the other professional(s) in the high-conflict family law case, including therapists, the parenting coordinator, evaluating psychologist and teachers to ensure a coordinated and effective response to issues affecting the child and family.
Payment For Services
Payment for Mediation services is required at the time the services are rendered. For Guardian Ad Litem or Special Magistrate services, fees either are set by the court or by agreement of the parties, who may make payment arrangements. If notified prior to the time serices are rendered, Diane M. Van Ness P.A. accepts Mastercard, Discovery and Visa credit cards.
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